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An aerial Photographer offering drone services in Columbus, Ohio

Hi, I’m Adrian: An FAA 107 Certified Remote Pilot.

If you’re checking out my website, that means maybe you read the article about me, or perhaps you’ve come in search of a professional drone pilot near you to capture some footage for your various needs. Whatever brings you here I’m happy that you have come to learn more about my business ARO Aerial, Inc., and the drone services that we provide to the local community.




  • Real Estate Photography Columbus Ohio

    Jalen Renkin

    Real Estate Photography Columbus Ohio

    I had a great time getting to see more into the drone business thanks to Adrian O'Dell! Thank You ARO Arial!

  • Johnnie Rhodes

    Real Estate Photography Columbus Ohio

    ARO Aerial continues to deliver quality work for us. Looking forward to the next project!

  • Jeremy Miller

    Real Estate Photography Columbus Ohio

    Adrian with ARO Arial offers outstanding service. I am a freelance videographer who has worked with him on numerous occasions. There are two major reasons I would recommend him. #1 He places a very high priority on following safety procedures and recommended drone protocols. If there is a class to take or a certification to pass, Adrian doesn't hesitate. #2 He is willing to learn new things and utilize his equipment to the full. If it's something that opens up new ways to fly and opens the doors for bigger and better products for you, the client, Adrian is willing to figure it out and fly "outside the box" to suit your needs!

  • Rich M.

    Real Estate Photography Columbus Ohio

    Adrian the owner was great to work with. He loves what he does and it shows in his final product. I highly recommend him for Real Estate photography. He has all the latest equipment for Aerial, Virtual and regular photo's... I have actually booked him for 2 more Listings that I have coming up in the next 2 weeks!

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ARO Aerial is FAA 107 licensed